Kari is a creative based in New York City. Her passion for taking pictures developed early at the age of 12 when she was given her first wind-up film camera but it was only after graduating university that she decided to pursue photography as a career. She worked as a family and child portrait photographer at a premiere retail portrait studio in the Philippines. She cites photojournalism as an inspiration but also knows that real life photos not only come from images of poverty and war. She tries to capture the beauty of life through people's dreams, aspirations and relationships with others.

She recently stumbled into the world of interior design and styling. A self professed interior maximalist and plant hoarder, she is inspired by her travels and tries to incorporate various textiles and textures into her home. She also hopes to inspire more people to to be budding plant owners. 

A fan of small spaces and tiny house living, she's hopes to one day build her own bohemian tiny house and have a space in upstate New York where she can farm her own food and raise chickens. Follow her adventures as The Accidental Bohemian over on Instagram.


New York, NY